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Any UC San Diego undergraduate student is eligible to apply. First- and second-year students are especially encouraged to apply, as they have the longest period of time with which to complete program requirements. However, transfer and more experienced students are also encouraged to apply and will likely be able to fulfill some requirements retroactively.

The Global Changemakers Scholars Program is currently not accepting applications. Please check back in Spring 2024 for more information.

Program Requirements

Global Changemaker Scholars must complete requirements in seven areas. In some cases, Scholars may fulfill two requirements with one, substantial activity, with prior approval. Moreover, the same experience can be used to fulfill other campus requirements such as practica, technical electives, GEs, etc. Each scholar must take ENG 100D Design for Development and one quarter of ENG 100L Design for Development Lab to fulfill requirement #1. These may be taken concurrently.

Each of the other requirements is followed by at least one example of how it could be fulfilled, but there are many ways to satisfactorily fulfill requirements and creativity is encouraged. Scholars design their own programs and can do so without adding a lot of additional courses and lengthening their time to graduation!

Seven Areas

  1. Project-based learning or research experience focused on one or more of the SDGs (or NAE Grand Challenges) (successfully completing the ENG 100D Design for Development course and at least one quarter of ENG 100L Design for Development Lab)

  2. Collaborative, interdisciplinary experience (e.g., serving on a project team, such as in Global TIES, or research team with students from other disciplines)

  3. Global context experience (e.g., project-related work, study or internship in another country, including Mexico)

  4. Social responsibility experience (e.g., successfully completing an Alternative Breaks trip or Blum Field Internship, or completing significant, supervised volunteer work)

  5. Innovation and entrepreneurial thinking experience (e.g., successfully completing one or more social entrepreneurship courses or competing in one or more social innovation challenges)

  6. Leadership experience (e.g., holding a significant leadership position in a student organization)

  7. Integrity and professionalism experience (e.g., successfully completing one or more ethics courses or equivalent experiences).